Ron Hale passed away June 2008, and Hale Farms has shut down all produce operations.

Welcome to Hale Farms, where we take pride in our organic, natural farming methods. We focus on quality over quantity, providing slow and deliberate nurturing of each plant. Our produce ripens on the vine and is never picked before its time. This means you can always count on maximum health and flavor in everything we sell.

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About Us
Ron Hale grew up on a small farm in Farmington, Missouri. He spent more than two decades as a meteorologist and oceanographer in the U. S. Navy---traveling the world, advancing his education, serving our country, and supporting his family, all with the dream of someday returning to the farmland that he loved. Hale Farms is the realization of that dream.

It is our priority to have both innovative and environmentally sustainable methods of production, because we care for the land as much as the produce. It is important to be good stewards of the soil and leave it for the next generation in better condition than we found it. To learn more about our methods, click here

Hale Farms encompasses 120 acres of beautiful, gentle rolling fields and includes production in small fruits, vegetables, herbs, cut and potted flowers, and alfalfa hay.

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